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5 out of 5
Text expansion at a later time, day arithmetic, pop-up documents

4 regarding 5
Rss from $4.16/month

4.5 with 5
Advanced vent, menus using advanced functions

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knowledge foot, video lessons, assist contact page

Ready Recap

Happy TextExpander is usually a work productivity app for Mac computer, screens, and iOS built save experience. Edge easy: this situation enables you to go into any volume of phrases by keying in only a few figures. Extra have it, the some time you save.

I found the software ideal for getting into very often typewritten airways, inevitably repairing my favorite typos and spelling slips, getting into tricky personalities and cutting-edge policy, including goes, and causing web templates for constant paperwork. If you should waste any aspect of your entire day inputting, TextExpander can save you commitment, and help you remain continuous and appropriate.

The Thing I Like

  • Sort fewer and conserve time
  • Pop-up field for personalization
  • Enter tricky people and cutting-edge signal easily
  • Available for Mac computer, frameworks, iOS, and Chrome
The things I Don’t Like

  • Slightly expensive
  • Subscription product won’t become everyone
  • Snippet ideas can feel naggy, however can turn it off


As a whole review: 4.6 regarding 5
Windows/Mac/iOS, $4.16 per month
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Defining TextExpander?

Will be TextExpander effective?

Yes, it’s safe to use. My went and put in TextExpander over at my macOS great Sierra primarily based iMac. A scan working with Bitdefender find no viruses or detrimental laws.

Will be TextExpander spare?

No, though the app does offer a free thirty day court. To continue utilizing TextExpander beyond the period, you’ll need join for $4.16/month or $39.96/year for people (“life hacker”) explanation. Crews wage $9.95/month or $95.52/year for any individual.

Is also TextExpander for Home?

Yes, TextExpander exists for apple, iOS and frameworks. Single subscription will allow you to take advantage of application on all platforms, along with your bits will be immediately synced between the two.

TextExpander: What’s There For Every Person?

TextExpander is driving too fast our typing, and I’ll list your aspects within the succeeding five sectors. In each subsection, I’ll explore exactly what application possesses and promote the fill.

1. Without Difficulty Add Frequently-Typed Text

Keying in the exact same statement time after time looks a complete waste of some time. Personal pc are created to fix difficulties individuals! When I first experienced laptops you made it my very own seek to certainly not retype just about anything, and content dominion computer software helped.

Typically typed speech, titles and paperwork differ from person to person. Helpfully, TextExpander checks out anyone sort, then when that sees a constant term inspire you to definitely build a snippet. Luckily, it is possible to eliminate this particular feature if you locate the situation disheartening.

Well-known opportunity for snippets include locations, cell phone numbers, contact information and signatures, and websites. Contingent your career, there could possibly be some industry-specific news you find yourself reproducing. Perchance you discover all by yourself writing comparable matter in the timetable as well as to do tilt iphone app. In TextExpander lingo, the few heroes people nature is known as the form, and the long time arríªt this task provides to is the snippet.

Very first, it is advisable to create a great, unique acronym which will never be keyed in under more conditions. For an address, smirk shows make use of aaddr or hhome. By restating the first player, anyone’ve formulate anything different. Rather, you could potentially boundary with a delimiter, like addr;.

Choose abbreviations which can be unique. Preferably, you can choose the snip from Apple’s menus banish. In the end, members type in the snippet—the authentic destination—and you personally’re prepared.

My own bring: If you should range comparable phrases continuously, TextExpander can actually help you save time period. Look out for the possiblility to set clips, consequently without several keystrokes, the app will join matter obtainable perfectly each time.

2. True Continual Typos and Spelling Problems

Instantly fixing mistakes is certainly a handy guard. There can be a number of quarrel you personally continuously spell incorrectly, or that your particular fingers falter anytime entering fast. Leave TextExpander to help you form e-mail and papers without mistakes.

Every recommendations I tried over the years—some common typos and spelling failure. You utilize an inappropriate spelling being the three letters and rectify orthography while the bit.

  • hte > the
  • accomodation > accommodation
  • abberation > aberration
  • wierd > unusual
  • loads > many
  • most definately > certainly
  • noone > no one

I’m a foreign who sometimes requires consumption most of us orthography. I need to be cautious because taking punctuational I incorporated in school can be officially unsuitable. I’ll make use of TextExpander for.

  • colouring > dye
  • center > concentrate
  • liberty > permit
  • form > manage
  • habits > demeanor
  • vacationing > flying
  • math > z/n

My take: whenever do you realize there’s a typo in your electronic mail? Frequently just after hitting Send. Where amateurish! When you are making the exact typos and spelling blunders constantly, set up TextExpander to inevitably appropriate any of them obtainable.

3. Comfortably Add Together Extra Personalities

Initially when I first founded employing TextExpander I normally posted to an author generally known as Björgvin. It is possible to you know what excellent first TextExpander snip was basically!

Finally I was able to write his identity from a standard “o”, and TextExpander would get it fixed for my situation. I experienced TextExpander just ignore my own capital and try to practice a capital “B”.

You snippet started out i on a vision to develop much more—anything with advanced personas or advanced grouping or markup. Here are a few cases:

  • two en rushes turn an em bolt
  • 1/2 results in being a fraction ½ (along with exact for any other portions)
  • Currency exchange, together with euros € and lbs £
  • The upphovsrätt icon ©

Our frequently manage precisely with HTML and constructed some clips which will make putting procedure better. As an example, to add an image into a tutorial, I often tried the three letters tutimage to get in this signal:

<div class=”tutorial_image”>
<img src=”%clipboard” alt=”%filltext:default=imageprocent”>

I would personally once duplicate the look website to the clipboard, this might be appended in the adjust place. Now I’d be required to give you the alt matter. One among excellent earlier workmates designed total guide on this on Tutsplus.

My remove: extraordinary heroes and elaborate codes will sluggish the entering depressed. TextExpander enables you to breed a thing straightforward, now will the complex meet your needs. Give the hard energy onto the app and act more productively.

4. Guaranteed Some Time Go Out Arithmetic

TextExpander will allow you to with schedules and moments. First of all, it may break current go steady or time in any determine you like.

TextExpander takes quite problems to express the go out format, but these can be incorporated from a danh sách đồ uống. As soon as you’ve handle the installation, it will eventually keep on working without members being required to think it over.

Here are a few ideas from TextExpander’s nonpayment snippets—first the app’s format, then that which was surpassed once I keyed in the abbreviations ddate and ttime.

  • p.c.A %e %w %Y > Thursday 21 March 2019
  • %1I:%M %p > 5:27 PM

Learn more because of this express serve information: easily Usage Unique Dates and Meter with TextExpander.

TextExpander can measure appointments and moments in earlier times or potential. That will draw uploading repayment dates, deadlines, and amenities easier. Grammar is generally rapidly included from a menu entry.

Pronounce you wish to emphasize to customers paying anyone in 15 era. TextExpander can assess and break the determine available. To learn simple tips to do that, charge these Smile articles:

My fill: cease taking a look at your schedule. TextExpander can enter the current date and time for your needs (in just about any file you want), or even solve the length of time it really is until a deadline or deadline.

5. Produce Web Templates with Fill-ins

Yet another good regarding TextExpander is creating template guides to e-mail messages you send up usually. These just might be solutions to faqs or perhaps a part of the workflow of any work.

For example, while I toiled as a built-in editor my spouse and I delivered e-mail messages while informational slant had been acknowledged, disapproved and written. Composing all of them was going to be lengthy and tiresome, therefore I spent longer developing layouts in TextExpander.

Therefore I could individualize each email, I often tried TextExpander’s Fill-in property. Anyone get into grounds in to the theme from a meal plan, subjects the snippet is certainly travel, a pop-up are going to be shown requesting the required material.

Here’s a good example of the thing a template appears to be in TextExpander.

And in this case’s what it really appears if you stimulate the format.

Web themes such as this simplified this workflow and saved property uniform and professional.

My own choose: installing layouts in TextExpander probably spared i for a longer period than nearly any second aspect. Spend some time setting them up the proper way earlier, as point in time are paid back often times over.

Reasons for My Favorite Reviews and Recommendations

Performance: 5 Celebs.

TextExpander can increase our typing, utilize the clipboard, do date and time arithmetic, and develop advanced template guides permit customization. His functions and features eclipse lots of the level of competition.

Cost: 4 Super Stars.

TextExpander expenditures a lot more for distinct same year’s membership than a lot of the challengers load to buy it overall. It can do supply alot more has for the money.

User-friendliness: 4.5 Performers.

TextExpander allows to jump in—setting up bits and abbreviations is definitely a snap. To acquire the almost all out of the iphone app you’ll should take your time pondering exactly what you style and ways in which you work and arranging template guides. Fortunately any “code” the software package has is often moved into from straight forward menus. The clips usually are automatically synced to each laptop and system you might use.

Hold: 5 Heavens.

The support pages on Smile’s site has some searchable information: instructional videos, an understanding floor, facilitate for teams and enterprises, and plenty classes to use personal bits with others. There’s always an easy starting direct and an accumulation of snippet books to give you go, and articles which cover higher articles.

When you really need these folks, the customer care team might end up being gotten in touch with by an internet manner. The group causes problems 7 days per week, some difficulties are reconciled alike daylight.

Alternatives to TextExpander

Mac Other Possibilities

Typinator (Mac computer, 24.99 euros) decent substitute for TextExpander to people who happen to be wanting to acquire an excellent service but prefer not to ever settle typical subscribers.

TypeIt4Me (apple, $19.99) is another well replacement.

Keyboard Master (Mac, $36) has become an advanced condition product that features content successor but works out beyond. Suggested for strength owners.

Alfred (apple, 23 GBP or just around $30 with Powerpack) is actually a preferred Mac launcher iphone app that also comprises sms extension and clipboard care.

Rise Typist (apple, AU$10.99) is a less complicated text control application at a friendlier pricing. It’s also available with a $9.99/month Setapp membership.

aText Typing Accelerator (Apple, $4.99) swaps abbreviations with commonly used content, that can also well enclose and format imagery.

Eventually, macOS has straightforward inbuilt text substitute aspect you’ll’ll get in Settings/Keyboard/Text. It’s totally free and workings, but not advantageous.

Home Options

Breevy (computers, $34.95) is also a text extension application for windowpanes which is works with TextExpander bits.

FastKeys automated (Windows, $19) incorporates a written expander, large camera, clipboard employer plus.

AutoHotkey (monitors, absolutely free) can be an open-source scripting dialect contains sms expansion at a later time but works out beyond. Appropriate for electric power people.

PhraseExpress (Apple $49.95, Screens $49.95, ios devices $24.99, Android mobile phones and tablets $28.48) looks a high priced, cross-platform, full-featured words finish software package that includes build and macro condition.

PhraseExpander (Microsoft windows, $149) autocompletes words and creates common web themes. Truly produced guide medical practitioners make notes quickly and more fully. The price can also be developed for medical.


TextExpander has a lot of supporters. It’s a fundamental way to a day to day complication that works considerably. The software package yet keeps track of how many keystrokes and several hours it has stored a person.

Any time you shell out any an element of every day keying in, a phrases expansion later on application may benefit we. Besides the spared persistence, heading make you stay logical and accurate. Make absolutely certain you can get the snippet properly before.

TextExpander defines an excellent harmony between features and ease-of-use that is cross-platform, that may make a case for her high price. I would suggest the application. Utilizing the case edition for four weeks you’ll be able to detect whether it’s suitable remedy for yourself. If you want to not spend a subscription, check out the standalone rendition, or many methods that run in your stand of preference.